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SLL intends to make a positive impact in LNG trading space in India and elsewhere.

We provide an essential service for you

LNG regasification facilities have exponentially grown since India’s first LNG import Terminal was commissioned at Dahej. About six terminals are already operational and others are in very advanced stages of construction. SLL, therefore, finds it very conducive to explore LNG trading opportunities as the demand for LNG will be growing over the years. SLL has made significant progress in this direction.

Area of Operation

The Company is committed to bring Clean, Safe and Environment Friendly Fuel/ Natural Gas at competitive price to Industrial and Commercial consumers and Compressed Natural Gas to vehicles.

Nature of Work

The Company has a vast range of work involved, which includes supply of Natural Gas through cascade, operating CNG Station by Daughter Booster Station and supply of Gas to Industrial and Commercial customers.

We are in trade of Liquefied Natural Gas ("LNG"), catering to customers desire to use Natural Gas. Our LNG trading activities proposes to focus on catering the Natural Gas needs of customers where the Geographical Area (GA) in not covered under City Gas Distribution Network or have limitation in securing the supply of Natural Gas. The range of services offered by us include:

  • Spot purchase and Supply of NG to cater the needs
  • Purchasing via short-term/ Spot/ Long term
  • Optimize infrastructure requirements
  • Distribution Services
  • Upstream and Downstream services
Our Vision

SLL wants to become an important player in the LNG trading segment in India and abroad. It also aims to promote and create roadside LNG storage and filling facilities to cater to long haul transport carriers. The Government has already notified regulatory changes for promoting LNG fueled transports.