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Techno India Vision, TIV

Techno India Vision, Vadodara, has been providing support to various entities in techno-commercial viability studies of gas distribution projects as well logistic supports in other infra projects. Mr. A B Singh, who has been working under the aegis of TIV will have regular interface with SLL to deal with the issues of technical natures in respect of SLL’s LNG trading initiatives. Mr. Singh has spent nearly two decades with India’s largest marketing and distributing company of re-gasified LNG in the comingled form with indigenously produced natural gas.

He has got vast industry experience spanning over four decades. Mr. Singh has, as an international expert, analyzed several gas transmission and distribution projects of Petro Bangla, Dhaka, from the perspectives of techno-commercial viability as per ADB’s requirements. He has also been providing technical support to over a dozen entities aspiring to enter the CGD sector. He is well- versed in dealing with the contractual issues related to sale & purchase agreements in respect of re-gasified LNG and /or domestically produced gas. Mr. Singh has got deep understandings of the regulatory framework as developed by PNGRB as a downstream oil & gas sector regulator.

He has also been providing consultancy to several investment management firms in the area of gas infra etc for the last ten years. Globally known investment management firms like Boston Consultancy Group, McKinsey & Company, Inc, Goldman Sachs Asia Special Situation Group, Bessemer Venture Partners (Asia), etc have consulted him from time to time since 2007.

A. B. Singh

J. P. Sanghani

JP Autogas India Private Limited

JP Autogas India Private Limited has been promoted by Mr. Jayant Sanghani, who will be working as a co-consultant for the aforesaid LNG trading company as one composite team with Techno India Vision. Mr. Sanghani has been involved with the CNG projects in India since its inception in 1992 starting with Mumbai. He pioneered the first-ever conversion of a car to CNG in Bombay.

JP AUTOGAS is a member of the International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles (IANGV), New Zealand, since 1991. IANGV is the oldest and a globally recognized body for the promotion of natural gas - fuelled vehicles all over the world.

From the very inception of city gas distribution experiments in India in 1992, he has provided technical solutions to all major CGD companies by making available energy -efficient options like Hydraulic boosters for the first time in India and reliable CNG Compressors from Argentina and Italy, etc. His very intensive involvement in this sector would be of immense help in setting up of LNG facilities to promote LCNG / LNG fuelled vehicles for which an enabling regulation has already notified by the Government during 2018 and it may be a very promising usage area for LNG in near future. JP Auto has been wet-leasing its compressors and boosters to major sector players like GAIL Gas, IGL, MGL, etc for several years in the past.